Luohe City is located in South Central Henan Province, the Huaihe River the two major tributaries of the river and Li River intersection in the urban areas, forming a unique natural landscape in Shuanghe Huicheng. Shali river development and construction planning a total area of about 86 square kilometers, is a set of urban flood control, transformation of the old city, ecological security, cultural tourism as one of the integrated project. By the Shanghai Tongji University urban planning design and Research Institute of the preparation of Shali River urban design guidelines, the Beijing Beilin landscape planning and design institute undertake landscape design. Shali river development and implemented in three stages, the first phase of the project is located in the downtown core section, since the start of June 2007, after five years of hard work, a period (Shali River Scenic Area) project in October 2012 finished and opened.

Scenic total Yueya Hu, Liyuan spring, Phoenix Mountain, gold beach, 29 different style theme parks. In Shali cross-strait formed 36 km in length, with a total area of 669 million square meters of banded public garden, scenic blue grass green, Lin Maohua Yan, scenery beautiful. It has been awarded as national 4A level scenic spots, national sports park, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, ecological civilization education base in Henan Province, Henan Province civilized scenic area, won the China Habitat Environment Prize paradigm in 2014, Luohe has become a beautiful city card.